Thursday, 20 November 2008

I may not like what you believe....

I abhor the BNP and everything it stands for. It is a nasty, authoritarian organisation with more than a whiff of the Nazi Party about it. The BNP stands for mass nationalisation, state control, politicisation of the Police, and an insular Nationalism that borders on racism. Yes, I believe that many of its members are probably racist. For someone who believes in a minimal state, individual and private enterprise, an independent Police force free from Government interference and a sensible immigration policy that attracts the great and good from all over the world, the BNP doesn't hold much appeal for me. The only area that I can share any form of agreement with the BNP is their desire to exit the E.U., and even then their reasoning is entirely the opposite of mine. While Griffin and his chums want rid of the E.U. because of their racist nationalism, I just object to having most of my laws made by faceless bureaucrats who have neither been elected by the British people nor have Britain's best interests at heart.

I do worry where this data leak is going to lead though. As the article I linked to suggests, many members on that list risk losing their jobs, especially those who work in the public sector. The Police have explicitly banned officers from being party members, and the supposed racism within the party means that many other professions - for example, teachers - will regard membership of the BNP as incompatible with their career.

I say supposed racism because there is no proof of racism in the BNP. People have tried and failed to expose racism and have the party made illegal. I believe that the BNP are racist, everyone may believe they are racist but as things stand the BNP is a perfectly legitimate political party. As such - assuming we are serious about living in a free and fair society - its membership should be free to go about their day-to-day business without fear of their political affiliation costing them their livelihood.

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